• You can't fear change

    You can't fear change
    My how quickly things can change.  I woke up this morning planning to get a good workout in, but instead....  Let me start by saying the boys are out of school, James is at work, and I've already burnt the biscuits.  I'm a great cook but for some reason I can't figure out how to work our Cusinart deluxe convection toaster oven.  But I've mastered how to make stuff chicken, and steak in it.  Why in the deluxe convection toaster oven you ask, lol?  Because the oven in this beautiful townhome hasn't worked since we moved in.  I'm improvising waiting on the home warranty.  God help me, I need some humor, so... I turned on old faithful, Netflix.
  • The sky is the limit...

    The sky is the limit...

    Happy Valentines Day!  

    I closed my precious little shop on Magazine St in New Orleans just three years ago this month.  It was a hard day, but my girls stood by me and in true Nola fashion, we paraded down the street in laughter and tears, a party in the streets.  Three short months later, I would leave New Orleans in my rear view mirror to settle just outside of Houston, Texas.  There's not a day that doesn't go by that I don't miss my little shop, Je T'aime Nola (Je T'aime meaning I love you in french), and my favorite city!

  • for the LOVE of boys and SCHOOL

    for the LOVE of boys and SCHOOL
    Some things never change, and I've learned (with plenty of practice) not to sweat the small stuff...  Having said that, the small stuff can add up, and force this such woman to drink more, just saying!  But, it's how we manage things (and drinking, be smart about it, don't over indulge, and if you do, once again be smart about it) on how well we survive. 
  • How it all started...

    How it all started...

    What does two apartments, a house, and a dog all have in common?  90 Days!

    I'm a hot mess with a serious southern twang.  I've had a lot of highway between my beginning, and now; thistle (southern tumbleweed), and that (life since it)!  Let me explain.