• How it all started...

    How it all started...

    What does two apartments, a house, and a dog all have in common?  90 Days!

    I'm a hot mess with a serious southern twang.  I've had a lot of highway between my beginning, and now; thistle (southern tumbleweed), and that (life since it)!  Let me explain.

    Did you know tumbleweeds are known by the common name Russian thistle. In the late fall and winter, plants dry out. The structure that looks like a dried-out flower is a seed. As it tumbles, their seeds fall off at a distance from each other. This gives each one sunlight and space to grow.   I'm like that thistle, and then some (that)!   Stay with me, it'll make sense shortly, or sorta some sense....or maybe flat crazy!  But regardless it's how this little online shop came to be.

    This thistle started her roots in Lubbock, Texas.  Born and raised in the panhandle.  That's where the twang came from.  From there, I've lived in many cities and states.  Holy cow, 10 cities, and 4 states in 45 years!  8 cities, and 3 states have been in the last 15.  That's what I call a pedigree.  Though the years, I married a great guy, have four unique, awesome sons, and one teddy bear godlen doodle.  (She had to be cute, the hubs doesn't really like dogs!)  He tolerates her, and me for that matter most dates.  But it works for us.

    Along all these different highways, and paths the good Lord has taken me (and the rest of us on), I've developed some skills.  The ones that can't be taught only can be learned through living, and love!  In my life, I've picked up a few favorite things, and sayings.  Some of them are appropriate, some are not.   But I do my best not to wear the cussing outside of my own house, lol.  You will get a fair warning on my mood by my hat....it's been a lot of I say bad words lately, lol!

    So, on this last move, 6 shorts months ago to Georgia (from Texas the 2nd time around), I decided to start putting all my favorite things into one place, digitally.  I couldn't fit everything in 4 suitcases.  But luckily my laptop is small.  (Corporate housing for 2 months, another temporary apartment for 3, were in ah house now, thank God!).  So with my laptop, and a few favorite hats, I started Thistle & That!   

    Selling Zyia Active idea came a few weeks ago.  I started working out (shocker, I know) but noticed at the gym all the girls were adorable in their workout clothes.  But, I couldn't do the lulu thing, too mainstream, and I'm anything BUT...so I stepped out and signed up with a company that not only supports women in fashion but they do it financially too.  I'm not the best at exercise and such, but just like when I started tennis, I needed the cute wear first so you didn't notice my imperfections.  Priorities!

    I'll add these to the website as the business grows.  Hang on for the ride, follow me as much or as little as you like.  You're sure to get a laugh at my expense, and I'm okay with that.  


    P.S. These boots are filled with a fiery, creative spirit.  They were a design I did while living in New Orleans.  I have a wonderful artist, and boot maker in Mexico that can do a pair for you too.  They're not cheap, but their quality, and sure do turn some heads!