• RPM (Revolutions per mother) a drive to enjoy...

    RPM (Revolutions per mother) a drive to enjoy...

    As I was riding home with Mannie from high school today, I had a thought.  I'm like a car with RPM, measuring how fast this machine (aka mother) can operate at a given time while making a full rotation per minute...and I think my words on this ride said it best...

    "No, no, no! Be sweet, be sweet, don't be stupid, shit! Stupid, don't be.."

    We are constantly thrown in every given direction.  We are expected to keeps are eyes on the road (children), avoid pot holes (bad choices), and not lose sight of the road (our journey).  Its hard as hell and requires strong women.  

    My friend sent me an article today.  It was a good one.  Here's a few easy take aways to keep your RPM at it's best!

    1. Believe in yourself.

    2. Know your worth.

    3. Wear your pain like armor.

    4. Don't be afraid of your emotions.

    5. Don't be hungry for attention, seek respect.

    6. Have a heart full of forgiveness.

    7. Tell the truth no matter how hard it is.

    Enjoy the ride.  It's gonna be bumpy.  It's gonna be hard.  But if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you!