• The sky is the limit...

    The sky is the limit...

    Happy Valentines Day!  

    I closed my precious little shop on Magazine St in New Orleans just three years ago this month.  It was a hard day, but my girls stood by me and in true Nola fashion, we paraded down the street in laughter and tears, a party in the streets.  Three short months later, I would leave New Orleans in my rear view mirror to settle just outside of Houston, Texas.  There's not a day that doesn't go by that I don't miss my little shop, Je T'aime Nola (Je T'aime meaning I love you in french), and my favorite city!

    Since that day, I've survived Hurricane Harvey, built a home, made lovely new friends, moved a mother, moved two sons, left the built home, and most recently lived in a tiny apartment with 2 boys, 1 dog, and a rather large husband.  That didn't go well, and so we moved quickly to find our next "forever temporary" home.  During all this change, a few key things stayed the same, my love for God (we had a lot of conversations over the last few months, some were more appropriate than other), my family (praise God I'm still married, its hard work, my sons are all healthy, and my mom is coming to Georgia), friends (added a few more in Texas), wine (no judgment, God turned water into wine), and fashion (this one got the back burner but starting today, that's going to change with Thistle & That).   

    So we're open for business in a tiny little closet (hall closet under the stairs that I transformed a few weeks ago) in Johns Creek, Georgia.  

    Oh yeah, and the photo credit goes to my oldest son my his office just above Napa Valley, California.  

    Live you dream, love your life!