• Took a shower, AND washed my hair :) God bless America...

    Took a shower, AND washed my hair :) God bless America...

    Came out of the bedroom, Mannie's there.  He's always there these days, lol.

    He quickly asks, "What'd do you mom?"

    Me:  "What do you mean?"

    Mannie: "Why do you look like that?"

    Me, Baffled, I bite: "Like what?"  

    Mannie: "Dressed!"

    Me:  "I showered and blow dried my hair."

    Mannie:  "God Bless America, it's about time!"  Oh, he is his father's son, lol.

    Sat down on my back patio to write a bit in my newly fresh Aveda smelling hair, tie dyed sundress, and realized it's been EXACTLY 6 months to the day since my "hold on, its gonna be a ride" post.  Timing is always everything.  Who knew the roller coaster we were getting on back then...up, down, loopie loop, drop, and then coming into the gate only to realize we weren't slowing down to get off, but speeding up to do this again, and again...

    We've traveled all over the south, even took a few trips east.  We had one kid break his hand, and have surgery.  Another graduated from Alabama from the 3rd floor of our townhouse in Georgia, and moved to Central Texas.  Fly boy is still flying in California; although, there are fires grounding him right now.  Using his time wisely, he made an impromptu trip to Texas to help his Mammy.  James hasn't missed a beat.  My grocery bill has tripled with two less sons in the house.  Taz is taller than I am.  I'm still saying bad words, reading my bible, but now I've added a green drink to my liquid consumption, and I'm working out from home.

    So, to wash hair, or not wash your hair....it really doesn't matter.  What does matter is how well you're embracing the life you have been given.  Choose to soak up the rays, smile, or frown.  It's totally up to you.  BUT I will tell you the ride is way more fun with a grin, inside and out... So throw your hands up, try not to puke, and enjoy the bumps, drops, and turns, and everything in between.

    In the meantime, if you need a little help with a smile, please feel free to laugh at all of us and what comes out of our mouths...

    A few Jana"isms"....

    "You're about to get popped"...  Replied with a, "try and catch me if you can momma"....  (don't have to catch them, I can throw, lol)

    I swear, they (my sons) are apart of a conspiracy, and I'm about to unleash a can of whoopass on them...  And yes, I said that to them.  Taz and his wonderful motherly humor replied with, whoopass comes in a can? I want some of that... Luckily, the drive thru for alcohol never closed in Johns Creek!

    Now I must go, we're going to have a small home economic lesson on unloading the dishwasher before the warden (aka me) checks to make sure their beds were made before class.  And yes, should probably have checked the bed.  That wasn't the priority then, brushing teeth was.  After all, I get to smell their breath all day, as closely as we're living these days.

    Happy Thursday!