• for the LOVE of boys and SCHOOL

    for the LOVE of boys and SCHOOL
    Some things never change, and I've learned (with plenty of practice) not to sweat the small stuff...  Having said that, the small stuff can add up, and force this such woman to drink more, just saying!  But, it's how we manage things (and drinking, be smart about it, don't over indulge, and if you do, once again be smart about it) on how well we survive. 
  • How it all started...

    How it all started...

    What does two apartments, a house, and a dog all have in common?  90 Days!

    I'm a hot mess with a serious southern twang.  I've had a lot of highway between my beginning, and now; thistle (southern tumbleweed), and that (life since it)!  Let me explain.

  • Love, and Laughter

    Love, and Laughter
    Jump in to my unapologetic love for laughter, liquor, and the Lord. A good friend once told me I have kind eyes that really see people, and a give genuine hugs that makes a rigid person exhale and melt into my arms. She clearly was drinking when she said that! Come join me in real messy love of life.